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We particularly specialize in bed bug eradication as well as extermination of other insects and rodents, such as the following: ants, bees, beetles, fleas, flies, mice, mites, moths, rats, roaches, ticks, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, pill bug, sow bugs, spiders and more. We also offer wildlife and bird control/exclusion.



Boxelder Bugs



Bed Bugs


When a pest problem presents itself, it’s time to take immediate action. We always keep in mind it's your home, not just an address. That's why we will always enter your home with respect and regard for what it means to you....home.


No matter what business you’re in, a pest-free environment is absolutely necessary. You can’t wait for the problem to arise; consistent pest prevention is the only way to prevent infestations. Our commercial services include offices, restaurants, industrial and hospitality.

Pest Control Chicagoland is an easy, effective extermination solution for your home or business, specializing in not only the extermination of pests, but also the humane removal of wildlife. Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves on same day services to provide immediate relief from sudden infestations, as well as a simple 3-step extermination process that is both eco-friendly and efficient.
We serve residents in Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs with convenient live person phone support. We have been featured on NBC, ABC, House Smarts and The Steve Harvey Show.

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