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Things to Do For Bed Bug Control
January 3, 2021
How To Keep Bugs Out Of Stored Clothes - Pest Control Chicagoland
How To Keep Bugs Out Of Stored Clothes
March 1, 2021

Emergency Pest Control in Your New House

Pest Control for Home IL

Finding pests in your new house is the worst nightmare for every homeowner. When you buy your dream house, you must arrange its inspection from the professionals before making the offer and the payment. The inspectors thoroughly inspect the house from every corner and make sure there is nothing wrong with the building or the structure. However, if you do not take the services of an inspector, you will most likely purchase a house that comes with pests or rodent issues.

The pests and rodents are normally hiding in the building structure, therefore; these issues are no visible normally unless you pay focus. If the homeowner planned a cosmetic update of the building, then there are chances that the pests are hiding in the building. You can always arrange emergency pest control in your town. However, it is better to beware of these issues before starting living in a place crawling with pests and rodents.

Termites And Bed Bugs

The termites are very small pests that are not visible to the naked eye if your whole house is made from wood. The termite’s issue comes to focus when they dig through the wood or walls to the surface, making the structure of the wall porous and weak. Furniture and upholstery can also be affected by termites.

Similarly, bed bugs are also common in unoccupied houses with humidity and moisture issues. They are normally found in or around the bed area of furnished houses. However, if the house is unfurnished, you can find the bed bugs hiding in the cracks on the ground or in the walls. these bugs can easily be transported from one place to another. They can grow in numbers rapidly and they can really be harmful to your health if you have sensitive skin.

Bed Bugs Hiding Places:

If you are moving into an old home, an already occupied home, or renting an apartment with a roommate, then you should be careful of them and hire a bed bugs exterminator. The bed bugs not only hide in the bed, but they are also found in various other places that serve as the best hiding spots. The bed bugs can hide in these places:

  • Bed bugs can travel through purses and luggage bags. If you or anyone ever stayed in a hotel, he or she is most likely to carry some bed bugs in the seams and pockets of the carrier bags or purses. The purses and bags are placed on the ground, in the cabinets or cupboard. These dark places perfectly serve as bed bugs hiding spots.
  • If you have kids who like to play with stuffed toys, then you have to take care of these stuffed toys to the fullest. Keeping them neat and tidy should be your first priority as bed bugs can hide inside the stuffed toys. Therefore, never buy the stuffed toys from flea markets or shops with a humid internal atmosphere.
  • If you have stuffed animals as decoration items in your house then it is better to get rid of them. The bed bugs can hide inside the fur of these stuffed animals and you will never know unless it is too late. It is necessary to wash your stuffed animals and toys using hot water in order to get rid of the bed bugs.

Pest Control Chicagoland can help you in getting your house clean of pests and rodents before you move your luggage into your new house.