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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Permanently

Get Rid Of Be Bugs Chicagoland

Bed bugs can be more annoying than you imagine and remember it is never easy to get rid of them effectively without professional help. The reason for that is a house is composed of different stuff and most of it can provide a sanctuary to the bed bugs. It can be your beddings, sofas, furniture, and cracks in the wall, they can hide anywhere and everywhere. The bed bugs can cause discomfort as you sleep and reduce your performance during the day. That’s why getting rid of them is absolutely important. Below you can find a good list of tips for effective bed bug removal

Get Proof of Infestation

Before you can start killing the bed bugs it is important that you first witness their presence yourself. Just because you were not able to sleep well or you felt something bit you during the night isn’t enough to conclude that. That doesn’t mean that you have to bring a microscope to find them. All you need is to look for symptoms. For example, when bed bugs attack your home, you’d start noticing a musky smell in the room all the time. If you notice that something bit you in a zigzag pattern and you feel itchy, then it is a sign that you need to hire bed bug exterminators to eliminate them.  

Wash Your Stuff at a High Temperature

The bed bugs might be tough in the fabric but they are vulnerable to the heat. That’s why as you treat your home to kill the bed bugs it is important to clean all of their sanctuaries as well. One of their favorite places of hiding in the fabric, so find some time and wash every kind of fabric that you use at high temperatures in the washing machine. Give it about half an hour and it would be fine, afterward, you can use drying to get rid of bed bugs permanently. If there were some survivors, they’ll definitely die in the second phase.  

Clean your Mattress 

It is one of the top infested places because it is a perfect hideout of bed bugs the reason for that is the thickness of the mattress. The bug can stay inside the mattress hidden for a long time and keep multiplying without even letting you know about it. When you’ll find out it’ll probably be too late to act. Still, you can give it your best shot by taking a cleaning brush with hard bristles and scrub the surface hard. This will damage their shells and get rid of their eggs as well. Afterward, you can apply a commercially available product and wrap it in a plastic bag, and put it in the sun.   

Seal up the Holes

A house is full of places where a bed bug can hide and cracks or holes in the walls are no exception. The walls are usually cool and it is a perfect place to hide. That’s why when you want to start the treatment to eliminate the bed bugs, you can seal up these cracks with the filling. This way they’ll not be able to escape in the open and start their colonies. Once they are sealed up, they’ll die due to suffocation. However, this process has to be quick because any delay would give them a chance to escape and hide somewhere else. 

Get Rid of Clutter

A house full of clutter is a house full of bed bugs. The facts state that if a house isn’t cleaned up at regular intervals and if there’s clutter all the time, it is just like inviting the bed bug yourself. The term clutter is a very wide scope and your extra robes, books, and various useless items scattered all of your houses fall into that category. If you truly desire to get rid of these bugs, then it is absolutely important that you take every possible hiding place. So, sort out the clutter and in case of a high level of infestation, the useless clutter can be incinerated as well.  

Hire an Expert

You can try anything in your power to get rid of bed bugs but it’ll not be as effective as a professional bed bug exterminator do. The professionals are experienced and have done it countless times. That’s why hiring them is the quickest way to get rid of troubling bed bugs. They know what kills them and they know exactly how to eliminate them without damaging your stuff. So, if you want to get rid of them forever, then hiring experts is simply the best choice. 

The bed bugs can be very troublesome and if your home is infested, then you must act at once because any delay would just give them a chance to multiply. Their number can increase over a night, that’s why you do something about it while you still have a chance.