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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Service

Many local pest control services specialize in both residential and commercial pest control while others specialize only in one of these. Whatever may be the case, the ultimate goal is the same; to keep the pests at bay. 

Today, this article will guide you in detail on how residential and commercial pest control services differ from each other and how pest control companies tackle the demands of each of them. Stay tuned till the end. 

What is Residential Pest Control Service?

The residential pest control service comprises certain important protocols. In the first step, an expert is sent to the client’s home for an in-depth inspection. Once he generates the inspection report on the extent of pest infestation, a proper treatment plan is devised. 

In the second step, the treatment plan that is custom-designed aims at eliminating all types of infestations in the home at the same time. The experts plan to nip the problem in the bud for all types of pests present in the home. 

The final step is to counsel the homeowner on how the treatment plan will be implemented and the necessary measures are taken to make the property free of all pests. 

What is Commercial Pest Control Service?

The commercial pest control service is imperative for any business to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. A pest infestation can cause a number of problems for any business. It can instantly ruin the credibility and break even the most loyal clientele. 

Moreover, pests can destroy the commercial facility and properties causing damage to the equipment and the inventory. In the end, the revenues can get severely affected. 

A commercial pest control service allows businesses to keep the pests at bay by tackling the root cause of the issue. The employees and the clients can stay safe from potential health risks caused by the pests. Besides, the damages to the property can be handled long before it becomes an expensive treatment. 

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

1. The Essence of Time for Both Differs

It is easier for the service to ask a small family to shift for a few days to their relative’s home while they implement the treatment than asking an entire business facility to shut down for a few days.

This is one reason that the commercial pest control services do a quicker job to ensure the least disturbance in a business’s day-to-day activities. This also costs more than a residential service, however, a business cannot afford to shut down for many days. 

2. The Type of the Pest Treatment Plans

The residential areas are usually quite similar. Hence, the pest infestation issues that homes face are also the same. So the pest control services can implement the same kind of approach for almost every other home. 

The companies do not have to devise custom pest elimination plans for every home. However, in the case of commercial treatments, things are quite the opposite. 

Not all commercial facilities and properties are alike especially depending on the kind of business they do. Consequently, pest control services have to work hard to come up with special pest treatment plans with multiple variations for every kind of business. 

3. The Pest Infestation Preventative Measures  

As discussed above that the commercial pest control companies are experienced in devising custom treatment plans, they also have extensive knowledge regarding the necessary preventative measures. One building may be more prone to pests than another type depending on the locality or the climate. 

All such factors are kept in perspective by the pest control companies while handling commercial properties. They offer long-term pest solutions and preventative measures that are otherwise not applicable to the residential areas. 

4. Pest Environments Are Totally Different for the Both

Residential properties are relatively smaller than commercial properties hence the kind and species of pests home harbor are different from commercial properties. The bed bugs, red ants, and wood termites can easily live in residential areas as the environment suits them.

On the other hand, commercial buildings do not offer habitat to the bed bugs, however rats and cockroaches are a common type of pest that can infest a building especially if the commercial property is barren or secluded from the main city area.

Hence, the type of treatment plan for commercial and residential properties will differ because of the pest type. 

So, are you looking for a reliable pest control service for your home and office? Pest Control Chicagoland specializes in both commercial and residential pest control services suiting to your needs.